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Seismic Colum Splice SMF
Posted by Haman Jaroo on June 7, 2012 at 7:13 PM. | No Comments »


Can anyone provide me with some guidance as it relates to the design of a bolted flange plate column splice. Its for a SMF system and my thinking is that since AISC 341 9.9 requests the splice to have a required flexural strength = RyFyZx then this calculated moment should be transformed into a tensile/compressove force = RyFyZx/D where D is the depth of the column.This force can then be checked against the tensile yield and tensile rupture strengths of the plate (apart from all the other checks to be made.

The splice is for a W14×233 column and belive that this is the reason that I am getting some rather large plate and bolt sizes.So far its 10 inch and a half A490 bolts per column end and 2 inch plates, both sides of flange.Im also guessing that CJP welds may probably be more economical here. Any guidance appreciated